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I wanna share a few thoughts I had and then make a lil announcement

The past few weeks have been filled with so many emotions
Mainly because I officially left gal, on the internet and at heart

The negative side-
I cant describe how shocked I am by the response I got
I'm not saying I expected applause for leaving gal
But the amount of mean messages I got was just... whatever
If I ever had a thought of going back to gal at some point, its definitely gone now
Its insane how a community of a few people is always complaining how there's not enough gals but then acts.. like that

The positive-
I was NEVER a person that was putting labels on myself, as you all know, I like to change things up all the time
I get bored easily and I just genuinely enjoy trying and learning new things
After leaving gal I started aggressively looking for a new label to stamp on myself, since when do I care about this?
I snapped out of it and realized how trapped I was in my last months of gal
Constantly looking for a label
Ora ora was not even supposed to happens w
The only reason I tapped into it was because I felt like I had to stay gal (because i was still in a galsa)
Don't get me wrong, I loved ora ora, but it was forced in a way
Leaving akipoyo was liberating, style wise

I'm so happy I have this blank piece of paper I can do whatever with
I feel so free, a weight has been lifted from me
Not forcing myself anymore to look a certain way
I've had so much fun lately planning outfits and buying new clothes!!

My feelings will probably seem silly and even a bit dramatic to some people, but fashion to me is my whole life, my appearance is exactly who I am on the inside
So all of this meant a lot to me

I've been thinking what's my place on the internet after all these good and bad things happened
I will be changing up my internet space this week
I already kind of did it with my YouTube, but there's still some things coming
My only fans is also going to change, I was so unmotivated to post there because I felt like I have to look a certain way
As you can tell, I kinda felt like I lost control over simple things like how I look w

The lil announcement is that I'm leaving the blog, I may be back but I don't wanna promise anything
The blog has been a huge part of my gal journey and I loved it sm
But I feel like for now I don't wanna keep up with it
Just like with gal, I've had this feeling for a while but only now i feel comfortable letting it go
Ofc the blog will stay up! I just wont be updating

I want to thank all the people that supported my blog and was reading it through everything!
You made my blogging journey so fun!

I think I said everything I wanted w
I've been holding myself back on writing this for a while because I was angry with everything
I am much more in peace with how things turned out, happy even

Thank you for reading all of this!
Catch me on my other sns, byeki!

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  1. You were a big inspo so I'm obviously sad that you left, but even if not in a gyaru way, you're still a fashion inspo, so no matter where you go with your exploration, do whatever you want to express yourself and be an inspiration :)
    They're just clothes for heaven's sake, I don't care what you do with them if you're happy. So aim to your happiness cuz nothing else is important. See you on your other sns 💕

  2. I can't believe ppl make such a big deal of it...and they were texting u bcuz they were mad? don't owe them nothing gurl??? I mean of course you can express that u are sad about it, Emi was one of the best gaijin gyaru, but sending mean messages about it??

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  Yo! I wanna share a few thoughts I had and then make a lil announcement The past few weeks have been filled with so many emotions Mainly ...