Fast Blinking Hello Kitty


My look to class (*´ω`*)


Thought I'll blog about yesterday

So I went to work in the morning and it sucked like usual w

Then I came home and took a nap
Naps is my new boom!!! I'm usually a no sleep ever person but I feel like sleeping and resting is really good for me lately

After I woke up I started getting ready~~
I didn't know what to wearrrrrr
I didn't get any new packages for a while so I'm running low on looks

Top - 
Jeans - American eagle
Belt - My mom's

I arrived an hour late to class because i was too busy making tik toks 

Next week is my last class!! And the next time I'll see めぐせん will be only in November!!

But it's ok~ I'll practice a lot in these few months and impress her with my knowledge
As if
I still have so much homework I never did from months ago

I started taking this thing today!

I'm gonna document the whole process for tiktok/YouTube!
It apparently is a magic liquid and helps with everything w
But I'm talking it specifically for my acne!
So I'll let you know if it actually did the job!

That's all for today~

Thank you for reading
I'll see you next time,

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  1. I love coord! Your hair looks so cute too. Excited to see what this drink does for you 💖

  2. totally perfect as per usual 😤 i’ve seen that liquid chlorophyll thing everywhere recently i’m excited to see if it works for you!


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