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セクシー gets!*✲゚*

hey everyone~~~~

This week passed in a blink of an eye right???
I feel like I didn't even have a chance to do anything

Today I'll show you some セクシー gets!
Ok so a lil back story
Every 3 - 4 years I giveaway my ENTIRE closet, idk how to explain it but it's just this cycle that happens
It's kinda like "I already wore this a million times, it's not exciting" or "I never wore this, byeeee"
So I'm selling a lot of the stuff on IG (I'm not even done posting, there's much more w) so I can buy new clothes for the new cycle!!

But obvi this applies to everything I own, so I bought a bunch of cute lingerie, so I can throw all the old ones~~~
Everything is from SHEIN! I stopped buying clothes from them because it just doesn't fit my boom now
But they're great for everything else!

Well, let's start!
(I will link each item after each pic, if anyone is interested~)

I'm in love!!!!!
I never thought I would find something so 2008-2011 on 2021 SHEIN!!

This set is gorgeous!! so summer vibes!!!

Idk what print this is ww just everything mixed together I guess

This is so dreamy~~~~ it has a lil diamond on the bra and underwear

yes. more leopard print ww
Idk if you can tell but the bra is very flat looking, so I thought it would be perf for more casual days when I don't wanna be flashy
Boy was I wrong...... this is like mega pushup!!! I'm not mad at all tho because it makes the girls look so cute!!

How perf is this????
The bra is a bralette tho which is a lil disappointing
BUT I still love it and I'll just wear it more casually

I had to get this one! pink leopard is the cutest!!

A lil only fans moment w
The bralette I'll probably wear all the time but the underwear is just for a show ww

I got it because of the butterfly on the back!!
Also this is a magnet bra thing and it's so comfy!!
That lil metal thing in the middle is a magnet so it saves all the hassle of putting on a bra w

More leopard w

I love this one!!!
It gives me 2007 Victoria's secret vibes

This last set is kinda boring, I just got it for like, when you wear a super flashy top\skirt\shorts
I'll let you know if it sticks well when I try it!

Not related to anything, I also got these~~

 That's everything!!
The quality is perfect and every set has super cute details that I didn't expect to get for the price I paid
Also sizing wise, very accurate! everything fits exactly how I wanted!
I'll def buy more a lil later because it's not enough

That's all for today
I'll see you next time,

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  1. Idk which one's my favorite- the pink leoprint, the kiss (akp w) set or the pastel! The one with the butterfly in the back is also perfect!
    Too bad I don't wear bras w cause it makes me wanna get some!

  2. This makes me so sad about being flatchested xDD I love my boobs..but just naked. No bra ever fitted me in my life...mostly I don't wear any because of this reason. All of these are too cute <3

  3. Omgggg aah I'm dying from the pink leopard print one!!!!!!! <3333

    1. I thought of you when I saw it!! The official lizzie print xD

  4. these are all so cute!! i had no idea shein did such cute underwear sets

    the pink leopard one especially is super adorable! i don’t usually wear bras but i might have to check out their sets now bc omg

    1. They have a bunch of cute bralette style bras as well! I just like wearing bras lately xD
      But yes I was also so surprised they had these prints!!

  5. I can't get over how cute each of these are! ♥


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