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I wanna share a few thoughts I had and then make a lil announcement

The past few weeks have been filled with so many emotions
Mainly because I officially left gal, on the internet and at heart

The negative side-
I cant describe how shocked I am by the response I got
I'm not saying I expected applause for leaving gal
But the amount of mean messages I got was just... whatever
If I ever had a thought of going back to gal at some point, its definitely gone now
Its insane how a community of a few people is always complaining how there's not enough gals but then acts.. like that

The positive-
I was NEVER a person that was putting labels on myself, as you all know, I like to change things up all the time
I get bored easily and I just genuinely enjoy trying and learning new things
After leaving gal I started aggressively looking for a new label to stamp on myself, since when do I care about this?
I snapped out of it and realized how trapped I was in my last months of gal
Constantly looking for a label
Ora ora was not even supposed to happens w
The only reason I tapped into it was because I felt like I had to stay gal (because i was still in a galsa)
Don't get me wrong, I loved ora ora, but it was forced in a way
Leaving akipoyo was liberating, style wise

I'm so happy I have this blank piece of paper I can do whatever with
I feel so free, a weight has been lifted from me
Not forcing myself anymore to look a certain way
I've had so much fun lately planning outfits and buying new clothes!!

My feelings will probably seem silly and even a bit dramatic to some people, but fashion to me is my whole life, my appearance is exactly who I am on the inside
So all of this meant a lot to me

I've been thinking what's my place on the internet after all these good and bad things happened
I will be changing up my internet space this week
I already kind of did it with my YouTube, but there's still some things coming
My only fans is also going to change, I was so unmotivated to post there because I felt like I have to look a certain way
As you can tell, I kinda felt like I lost control over simple things like how I look w

The lil announcement is that I'm leaving the blog, I may be back but I don't wanna promise anything
The blog has been a huge part of my gal journey and I loved it sm
But I feel like for now I don't wanna keep up with it
Just like with gal, I've had this feeling for a while but only now i feel comfortable letting it go
Ofc the blog will stay up! I just wont be updating

I want to thank all the people that supported my blog and was reading it through everything!
You made my blogging journey so fun!

I think I said everything I wanted w
I've been holding myself back on writing this for a while because I was angry with everything
I am much more in peace with how things turned out, happy even

Thank you for reading all of this!
Catch me on my other sns, byeki!


Make experiments!

I forgot to blog last week
Also post a video

I'm just like everything to look perfect and I don't wanna post content when I don't look 100%

So this week I focused on trying out a million  possibilities!!

I wanna talk about all of them~

First we have:

It was cute, but!!!
The lenses here are not the look I want (I'm wearing grang grang brown) and this was a lil too alt? If that makes sense?
I love to look sexy with my make and I think this was too cutesy edgy typish


This is the make I had on for my photoshoot last week, a lil nerve wrenching
I was super scared it would turn out ugly and the photos will all suck

I'm wearing my new lenses here! I got violet ones as well and wanted to wear them but they're super painful for me, these ones were also painful tbh super disappointing
(I'm wearing the kirei brown\violet vs)
The make was ok, cute enough for the shoot but not perfect


This make was inspired by himena, I like her recent mega droop make
But as I suspected, it's too cute, like, very cute
Mega puppy eyeish
The lenses are still the same brown ones that I used in the previous look, so painful

Last but not least!!:

So I learned from all the small mistakes I did throughout the week and it paid off!!
I loved this make! Finally a new routine!
I was getting so tired of trying new looks every day xD

It's the perfect amount of sexy and cute, not alt at all, which is what I wanted
The things that switched up the look here are:
Instead of red shadows I used orange/brown
Instead of a really droopy liner I drew a super high one

The tear bag is the cute and the high liner is the sexy, perfect combination!

Also!! I'm wearing diff lenses!
I have a stash of monthly lenses from past booms that I never opend, these are the wonder eye hazel!
Super comfortable and exactly the effect I wanted!!!!
Kinda sad I wasted so much money on the kirei lenses that were so painful

That's all the looks I've tried!

Will probably film a make tut for YT now that I'm super sure of my look

That's all for this weeks post!
Thank you for reading,


  Yo! I wanna share a few thoughts I had and then make a lil announcement The past few weeks have been filled with so many emotions Mainly ...