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Friday, January 8, 2021

New living room??


Another week another blog post
Also! First post of the year!

I hope your year started well!
Mine is good so far~

Today I'll tell you about my new house design!
Yes, I already changed everything and I just moved some months ago xD

The two rooms in the house I'm focusing on right now is the living room and my walk in closet!

Lately I wasn't feeling the vibe of these two rooms
What I realized is,
I was so excited to move to my own place, having complete freedom, that I absolutely over done everything xD

It just started feeling like a mess rather then a "theme"

So I chose a new theme for each of these rooms!

Living room is going to be clean tropical and my room is gonna be black&pink + leopard&gold

Today I'll show you what I managed to do in the living room so far!

Here's some progress pics~



+look how cute the lamp looks now


I wanna add a big painting where the X is~





Sorry that my house looks a lil messy in some of these, I'm still trying to figure it out xD

I know this is a very drastic change so sudden, even George and my mom felt a bit sad for pooh being covered up
But this is how I roll, just change whatever whenever

Here's some stuff I'm waiting for to arrive~

When I'll finish it I'll film a video for YT!

I didn't really start my room yet, Hopefully I'll have some progress pics of it next week for you!

Well that's all for today
I'll see you all next time,
ps. thank you Lizzie for this cute signature!!!!!!!

no song recommendation this week, I didn't have time to listen to music;;

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Birthday + new job!

How have you guys been??

It feels like I haven't blogged for so long

My life has been........ a mess xD

There's some issues with kiki, so that's taking a lot from me
And also now that I'm trying to balance work, house chores and social media... I'm.. drained

Any ways~~~~
I wanna tell you a bit about my birthday!

I celebrated with George last minute on the birthday itself

Sweater - H&M
Shorts - central bus station
Coat  - SHEIN
Boots - Esperanza x OK

We went to sarona and had cho fun
I'm really grateful for her coming to cheer me up last minute

My beloved George

Some days later I meet with all akp
I had so much funnnnn
I love my galsa so much
We chilled in sarona again because it's the only place you can sit down and eat

Sweater & skirt - SHEIN
Boots - Esperanza x OK
Chanel earrings are a gift from my dear George

Also, we drank this sake which.. was very.... strong xD 
I usually don't drink at all so it's always a weird experience being drunk

I still!! STILL!!! Didn't celebrate with bib
Which makes me really sad
Just every time he has a day off something pops up
But it's ok~ we'll just celebrate new year's and my bd together

Even tho I had mega fun with my friends.. it still feels like I didn't have a bd?
Very weird feeling
I'm guessing its because covid is in the air and everything is so different

Btw, thank you for all the birthday wishes! They made me really happy!~
I always feel like I'm not that liked so when I saw all the nice wishes it was overwhelming

I got a new job!!
I finally left zara!!!

I moved to something more local
And by local I mean literally 2 mins away from my house
And the shifts are only 5 hours long!!!
No more 10-12 hours shifts!!

So the new place is...... ximi vogue!!
It's a Korean daiso/miniso xD

Kinda feels like I'm working at SBY

The store is mega cute so it makes the job really fun!
Every time we get new items I just scream on the inside because I wanna buy everything

Another plus, it's right next to my hisalo!!
And yes!!! I finally moved to my local hisalo, no more 2 hour bus rides

Here's some work-kaji fits~

Jeans - SHEIN
Hat - WC
Earrings - eBay
Shoes - Nike air force 1

Jeans - renuar

Jeans - American eagle
Bandanna - DAISO
Earrings - Baby shoop

As you can tell I have a work top/hoodie
Everything else is up to me!
It's a really fun challenge for me everyday trying to make something gal with the uniform!

I'll share my work fits every once in awhile
I hope I get that skirt/shorts approval from my boss so I can have more options!!

Well, that's all for today
I hope you all have a nice & safe week

I'll see you next time,

Song recommendation of the week
Mother Mother - Ghosting
CL - +DONE161201+
Hwa Sa - Maria
A bit of mixed feelings xD
Because the last week was many good and bad experiences idk what I rather listen to 

New living room??

 Yo!!~ Another week another blog post Also! First post of the year! I hope your year started well! Mine is good so far~ Today I'll tell ...